5 page paper that must discuss the topic above  Must include scholarly journals

5 page paper that must discuss the topic above Must include scholarly journals and articles 5 or more Must be in apa format Racial Barriers/ Injustices in the Criminal Justice System Outline: I. Introduction In this paper I will be discussing the racial barriers and the injustices that go on in law enforcement. I will be giving details on the different racial disparities that many people as well as police officers face. When it comes to racial disparities its not only a black and white issue but law enforcement is also filled with different cultures and there are many people who are mistreated and targeted. Police brutality is a big issue as well and from this issue a lot of lives have been taken from mistakes police officers have made. Lastly I will discuss the many barriers women face in law enforcement women are sometimes look passed and harassed and this is a not much popular issue people like to talk about. II. Body Racial Disparities · Challenges that police officers face while working in Law Enforcement. · Impact of racial profiling · Bias in law enforcement Police Brutality · Police Shootings · Excessive Force Women in Law Enforcement · Challenges women face while on the job. · Sexual Harassment · Unfair treatment on the job. III. Conclusion References Bleakley Paul. (2019). A Thin-Slice of Institutionalised Police Brutality: A Tradition of Excessive Force in the Chicago Police Department. Criminal Law Forum. 30. 10.1007/s10609-019-09378-6. Kruttschnitt C. et al. A Mans World? Comparing the Structural Positions of Men and Women in an Organized Criminal Network. Crime Law and Social Change Springer Netherlands 1 Jan. 1970 link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10611-020-09910-5#Bib1. Shjarback John & Decker Scott & Rojek Jeff & Brunson Rod. (2017). Minority Representation in Policing and Racial Profiling: A Test of Representative Bureaucracy versus Community Context. Policing An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management. 40. 10.1108/PIJPSM-09-2016-0145.

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