8 “ 10 PAGES An important part of your grade is your Final Self-assessment Paper

8 “ 10 PAGES An important part of your grade is your Final Self-assessment Paper. Although it is not due until the final week of class it is important that you begin thinking about this assignment early on. As the course goes forward I encourage you to take notes or journal some of the ideas you intend to express in the assignment below. You will notice in Lesson 9 that you will have to submit an outline of your final paper. In our Leadership and Motivation course you have the opportunity to gain awareness of how different aspects of your personal behavioral leadership and motivational skills sets influence your management style and potential whatever your course of study at PSU has been. By participating in the class leadership and motivational exercises and reflections many of your strengths and new confidences may have been brought to light as well as some compelling challenges that may need to be developed further. In this paper you will collect your thoughts by revisiting and re-evaluating the information you learned in this course and other courses and then draw some conclusions about your learning agenda for managing and improving your leadership career path going forward. In your paper: A. Identify and what you feel are your two (2) best leadership and motivational (managerial) skill areas and support this with specific examples of how they will help you in the future. B. Identify and discuss two (2) skills in this course that you would like to improve and work on. Explain how you will do this and why you think they are or will be essential to your leadership success. For each of the skill areas you choose discuss and tie them together into a cohesive paper with an introduction conclusion and appropriate transitions. Back up your observations experiences current events thoughts and /or analysis by relating it to the various theories you learned in the lessons where appropriate. Also you are to reference and cite at least three (3) new sources in addition to those you were exposed to throughout the semester. End your paper with the final page by discussing your career goals and what skills you will need to develop to go beyond your current skill set and station in life after you graduate¦.continuing education and learning should always be a big part of your life. TOPICS: LEADERSHIP AND MOTIVATION LEADERSHIP BEHAVIORS AND PROCESSES BRANDING CONTINGENCY MODELS OF LEADERSHIP DIRECTIVE LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOR SUPPORTIVE AND PARTICIPATIVE LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOR DECISION ANALYSIS BOUNDARY SPANNING UNDERSTANDING AND BUILDING SOCIAL NETWORKS

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