8 pages Find and review the following article: French, S. (9). Action researc

8 pages Find and review the following article: French S. (9). Action research for practising managers. The Journal of Management Development 28(3) 187“204. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/02621710910939596 Wall Tony & Russell Jayne & Moore Neil. (2017). Positive emotion in workplace impact: The case of a work-based learning project utilising appreciative inquiry. Journal of Work-Applied Management. 9. 129-146. Your project proposal will contain a Practical Framework section of 8“12 pages (not including the title page table of contents or reference list). Develop these sections according to the following guidelines: Practical Framework: Explain how you will conduct action research. Include the following: Identification of Grand Objective Identification of First Sub-Objective/Diagnosis Planning Phase How will you approach the problem within the confines of your organization? Action Phase Emphasis must beon how you will facilitate this phase as you employ appreciative inquiry/action research (AI/AR) values. (If you are not sure hypothesize what you believe would be the best approach.) Facilitation of the Reflection Phase Identify the new knowledge created during the cycle (covering What? So what? andNow what?) and employ the values of AI/AR.

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