Answer 1ReflectionThe organizational leadership course was worthy of reading. Th

Answer 1ReflectionThe organizational leadership course was worthy of reading. The course is wide; therefore, a wide range of readings was covered in the course reading, the reading on leadership traits and attributes. Typically, the reading on leadership traits and attributes was the most interesting because it gave me knowledge of the best leadership traits and attributes (Bratton, 2020). The knowledge acquired from the leadership traits and attributes reading play a key role in my current job and will also play a key role in the future endeavors that I desire to pursue. Typically, the organizational leadership course has changed my perspective moving forward. One way the course has changed my perspective is that I did not know organizational leadership before the introduction to the course. However, after the introduction to organizational leadership, I understood that organizational leadership is the central field of leaders strategically managing and guiding an organization to meet a common goal (Bratton, 2020). After the introduction into the course, I also learned and understood that organizational leaders focus on the organization and its people.However, despite the organizational leadership course being a comprehensive course, there is a topic not explored or covered in the coursebook. The issue of organizational leadership and technology is not covered in the coursebook. This topic would have been worthy of reading because most organizations have embraced administrative leadership technology. Typically, most organizations have embraced organizational leadership technology due to technological headways in the digital age (Bratton, 2020). Therefore, covering this topic will clearly understand how technology helps corporate leaders view the task accomplished by team members in real-time.ReferencesBratton, J. (Ed.). (2020). Organizational leadership. Sage.—————————————————————————————————————————————-Answer 2Topics that can be covered in the course:The other topics covered in course are the role of work in management and leadership constructs Robotics and Complexity of Information Systems Research in the Digital World.Interesting Readings:Robotics is an interesting reading because artificially intelligent robots of today, those that are considered as such by the scientific community, lack intrinsic cognitive skills, but they can correct flaws and “think” in a simple way. As an example of artificial intelligence in action, robots are a wonderful illustration. Robots are controlled by computer programs or electrical circuitry. Depending on the scenario, they can be operated directly by humans. Even if this person’s behavior may imply intellect or cognition, he or she lacks any feelings.Another interesting topic is Artificial Intelligence because Graphic designers and artists may use artificial intelligence to create rapid aesthetic changes. According to the report, scientists may potentially employ AI to detect “false” pictures or to connect touch and feelings. By combining symbolic reasoning with deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to develop websites and apps. A part of artificial intelligence is deep learning, but it is not the only one.Perspective:The course has changed perspective because there is lot of new things that changed the thinking of the students. For example, from topic like Complexity of Information Systems Research in the Digital World enable to understand socioeconomically, the amount of complexity demanded is compelling. It’s certain that basic difficulties in research will occur when there’s an unintentional interference or when the researchers can’t identify what the boundaries of the complex system are. In spite of the fact that one may adopt the methods of complexity science, such studies could be a series of surveys with traditional schooling or subjects. As a result, they believed that they were in a position to provide new research or explanations for the situation at hand.Addition of topic of Interest:The topic that should be added is The Future of Artificial Intelligence because it enables to understand that intelligent robots, such as assembling and stacking, while sensors that perform predictive analysis make sure that the equipment is functioning properly, do some activities. Large-scale data analysis and virtual nursing assistants can improve the patient experience in the relatively new field of artificial intelligence in health care. In addition, Google is working on a virtual assistant that can make human-like phone calls (Dirican, 2018).References:Brady, M., Gerhardt, L. A., & Davidson, H. F. (Eds.). (2017). Robotics and artificial intelligence (Vol. 11). Springer Science & Business Media.Dirican, C. (2018). The impacts of robotics, artificial intelligence on business and economics. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 195, 564-573.
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