Answer the question that pertains to the book you are reading: (Pick one that re

Answer the question that pertains to the book you are reading: (Pick one that relate to the book, will give more information) Kahneman discusses cases where his automatic System 1 sets up solutions to problems that System 2 can then refine. Discuss an example from your own experience.Kandel discusses the contributions of Santiago Ramon y Cajal. Why were they so influential? Menand states that the Civil War “marks the birth of modern America.” What evidence do you see for this? Safina presents examples illustrating the complexities of animal social interactions and cognition. Discuss an example that illustrates the complexity of the social systems and interactions of social animals.In Dennett’s discussion of genetically programmed intentional behavior, he says (p. 88) that in the case of the mother cuckoo laying her egg in the nest of another species of bird, and of the newly hatched cuckoo chucking the other eggs out of the nest, there is no question of guilt attached to those intentions. Discuss, making clear what Dennett’s reasons for excluding guilt in such cases are.double-spaced and 1½ to 2 ½ pages in length. The minimum acceptable length is 350 words (with a range of roughly 350-500 words, though there is no upper limit)
Requirements: 500 words minimum

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