Applying Managerial Accounting Concepts to the Manufacturing IndustryComplete th

Applying Managerial Accounting Concepts to the Manufacturing IndustryComplete the following questions using Microsoft Excel. No other submission format is allowed. Review the grading rubric to confirm you are meeting the assignment requirements. (All amounts in SAR except units.)Given the following information for Johnson Corporation: Advertising costs300,000Office rent20,000Direct materials850,000Delivery vehicle depreciation80,000Factory repair and maintenance425,000Sales salary505,000Indirect labor205,000Manufacturing equipment depreciation180,000Administrative salaries320,000President’s salary650,000Sales revenue5,400,000Indirect materials180,000Direct labor 1,400,000Machine hours 2,500Direct labor hours11,000Machine hours per unit3Direct labor hours per unit5Direct materials per unit?Units manufactured600Units sold350Given the above information for Johnson Corporation:Create a list that identifies the total period costs.
Calculate overhead per unit based on machine hours.
Calculate the total product cost for units manufactured (“direct materials per unit”).
Calculate total cost of goods sold.
Prepare income statement in good form assuming no beginning inventory.
You must show all your work for credit.
Requirements: As requested

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