C programming assignment(Homework should be turned in on Canvas only, NOT via em

C programming assignment(Homework should be turned in on Canvas only, NOT via email unless you cannot access Canvas)1) Write a function float computeArea (int *v1, int *v2, int shape ) that computes the area of four basic geometric entities. The geometric entity will be identified by the argument shape which is 1 for triangle, 2 for square/rectangle and 3 for circle. The arguments v1 and v2 are pointers to the two arguments defining the shape. For circle v1 is a pointer to the diameter of the circle, v2 is null, for rectangle/square, v1 and v2 are pointers to the height and width for triangle v1 is a pointer to the the base and v2 points to the height of the triangle.2) Write a function that accepts a string and a character as input and returns the number of times the character given as the second argument appears in the string:int numTimesAppears(char *mystring, char ch)If mystring is “Professor Ken” and ch ‘o’ are passed as arguments the function should return 2.A template c file that can be used to start the development of your functions is provided.A main file is provided as an example for testing your functions.The files are in the shared folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OBsFsIMguI8t5X8egrjr4Fh4tI23E-G9?usp=sharing (Links to an external site.).What to submit:1. Submit these two functions in a single .c file named as your FirstLastNameRedID_Hw1.c (example:FirstLastName888888888_Hw1.c).Please submit the homework file in the above specified format as a .c file, ANDAlso submit a pdf, word file, or other file format with all your code and a copy of the output as a screenshot.Any non-C statements (example: problem statement or your name) in your “NameRedID_Hw1.c” file, should be commented using standard C comments.Note: Any uncommented non-C statements result in compile errors.You may only submit files of type .c , .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdfDO NOT Submit the main function or any other function used to test your program.
Requirements: Write a function float

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