Compare and contrast the two poems by Petrarch and Emily DickinsonGrading rubric

Compare and contrast the two poems by Petrarch and Emily DickinsonGrading rubric: Provides a detailed explanation of the topic using terminology common to the subject. Provides a detailed evaluation of the topic, explaining why it is still relevant today. Explains in detail why topic/piece as an important example of the subject. Pieces thoroughly discussed, and insightful details provided.Petrarch Poem:LOVE’S INCONSISTENCY I find no peace, and all my war is done; I fear and hope, I burn and freeze likewise I fly above the wind, yet cannot rise; And nought I have, yet all the world I seize on; That looseth, nor locketh, holdeth me in prison, And holds me not, yet can I ’scape no wise; Nor lets me live, nor die, at my devise, And yet of death it giveth none occasion. Without eyes I see, and without tongue I plain; I wish to perish, yet I ask for health; I love another, and yet I hate myself; I feed in sorrow, and laugh in all my pain; Lo, thus displeaseth me both death and life, And my delight is causer of my grief.Emily Dickinson Poem: After great pain a formal feeling comes— The nerves sit ceremonious like tombs; The stiff Heart questions—was it He that bore? And yesterday—or centuries before? The feet mechanical go round A wooden way Of ground or air or ought Regardless grown, A quartz contentment like a stone. This is the hour of lead Remembered if outlived As freezing persons recollect The snow— First chill, then stupor, then The letting go Emily Dickinson
Requirements: +300 words

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