Discipline:- HealthcareType of assignment:Essay (any type)Type of service:Writin

Discipline:- HealthcareType of assignment:Essay (any type)Type of service:WritingSpacing:Double spacingPaper format:APANumber of pages:3 pagesNumber of sources:4 sourcesPaper detalis:My organization is MEMORIAL SLOAN KETTERING CANCER CENTER NEW YORK,NY and my topic is Falls.The Plan-Do-Study/Check-Act (PDSA or PDCA) cycle is useful to apply in projects to improve patient safety and quality. You will add to your quality improvement project by describing a PDSA cycle.This assignment directly supports Section V: Evaluation and Reporting of your final project.To complete this assignment, review the Module Seven Short Paper Template and the Module Seven Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric document.IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM PROFESSOR:Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to what I think is the busiest week. This week you have the Check-In Journal and the PDSA. To help you with these assignments, I recorded my announcement and explanation of the assignments.Week 7 Recorded Overview– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBFqrLCWu2YThe PDSA is a formal APA paper. All APA formatting is required.Here a link to help with the parts of the PDSA: https://www.ahrq.gov/health-literacy/improve/precautions/tool2b.html.Use the explanation in the template I posted and use this site to help understand the parts of the PDSA. You must be detailed and to the point with your PDSA. More words are not necessarily better. I am sure you have heard that before. I recommend writing your PDSA paper, read it, and eliminate content that does not add value to the paper.
Requirements: 2-3 pages

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