Learning Goal: I’m working on a article writing question and need an explanation

Learning Goal: I’m working on a article writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.Read through the statements below and use them to draft three different paragraphs with different purposes to specific audiences:1) To Congress voting on Student Loan Forgiveness to persuade them to only forgive the first $5,0002) To President Biden on Student Loan Forgiveness to persuade him to forgive all of student loans or at least the first $50,0003) To Borrowers of Student Loans informing them of what is being considered about student loan debt (this is informational, not persuasive) Below is some information you can use in your paragraphs: Calls for President-elect Joe Biden to forgive student debt will happen in his first 100 days of office.Some feel it should be a more moderate proposal: forgiveness capped at $5,000 of debt. Student-loan cancellation would bleed the working class to alleviate debt for those with more-lucrative career options.Some feel Biden should forgive up to $50,000 a person in federal student-loan debt because that would completely eliminate the burden of three in four borrowers and rev up the economy.Reasons to cap forgiveness at $5,000:Workers with a college degree are the highest paid in the economy and the last to get laid off during a downturn. Because of the large financial returns to postsecondary education, folks with debt and a degree are often better off than those who have neither.
It’s clear in the data: Borrowers with the largest balances are the least likely to default. That’s because they’ve often invested in professional or graduate degrees that lead to careers with high earning potential.
Borrowers who owe less than $5,000 are the most likely to default. Many in this category started a degree but didn’t finish, and thus aren’t enjoying the higher earnings afforded by a degree.
Many Americans without degrees come from less well-off families, a higher percentage lack enough savings; and they are the first to be laid off in a downturn.
Each dollar spent on loan relief is a dollar raised in taxes, and far less than half of taxpayers have a four-year degree.
The progressive nature of the existing tax code helps to focus the payment burden on the more affluent, but the spending would still drain resources that could otherwise be spent on programs benefiting those with greater needs.
More than half of Americans have built their lives and made ends meet without a college degree. Call universal student loan cancellation what it is: elitist.
Reasons to cap forgiveness at all or $50,000:Over the past few decades, higher education has become impossibly expensive, saddling 44 million Americans with $1.6 trillion in debt.
The cost of a year at a private college is now $37,650, on average, and $10,560 at public institutions, more for out-of-staters.
The heft of those bills obligates a majority of attendees and many of their parents to take out loans; in fact, 2019 graduates owe an average of $29,900.
The United States is an outlier in the size and scope of its loan infrastructure; in many peer countries, higher education is seen as a public good and a college degree is low-cost or free.
An entire generation has been set back: Millennials are on track to be the first generation in modern history to end up poorer than their parents.
Student loans are delaying retirements.
They’re suppressing the housing market.
They’re suffocating new business formation.
They’re even leading young people to delay getting married and having children.
Each of the three paragraphs should be about 200 words. Feel free to add information. Begin with a salutation to your intended audience (TO: Members of Congress, or Dear President Biden,). Remember the format for a good paragraph: it consists of three parts: a topic sentence that announces your purpose, supporting details to show why your purpose is worthwhile, and a concluding sentence that reiterates your purpose.
Requirements: 3 para 200 words

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