Learning Goal: I’m working on a business multi-part question and need support to

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business multi-part question and need support to help me learn.IF YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THESE QUESTIONS I NEED HELP WITH MY PRACTICE TEST. THEY ARE MULTIPLE CHOICE, California personal lines agent broker examination for auto insurance. I need help in 45 minutes. 2 hours and 100 questions.Under an unendorsed personal auto policy, transportation expense coverage applies to?-Collision and other than collision lossesThe perils insured against under most inland policies are on?An open peril basis The watercraft endo rsement to the homeowners policy entends coverage for?All of the following are principal rating factors or personal automobile policies except the?GenderWhat do we call the process whereby insurers decide which customers to insure and what coverage to offer?UnderwritingAn insured adds an automobile to her policy. She does not pay the additional premium when it is due. The insurer cancels the policy for non-payment how many days notice must the insurer give?According to the california insurance code, when can an insurer recommend a repair shop to a claimant?The claimant also receives a written notice of her right to use the repair shop of her choiceAccording to california insurance code, when underwriting an applicant it is unlawful to discriminate based on any of the following except?AgeAn insurance solicitor is a person authorized to?Assist a broker or agent in selling insuranceWhich of the following persons is not an insured under section 1 of a homeowners policy?The named insureds non-resident spouseFailing to communicate pertinent information is the definition of?Making an insured whole by restoring them to the same condition as before a loss is an example of?What is one reason an individual may purchase a dwelling policy instead of a homeowners policy?Property damage under the uninsured motorist property damage coverage includes?California earthquake authority policies shall be marketed and policyholders serviced?The insurer that writes the earthquake insurance Under which of the following classes of insurance would a loss due to theft of jewelry in transit be covered? Inland marine The larger the number of similar exposures, the more predictable the outcome is the definition of?What additional coverage does DP 2 have compared to a DP 1?Insurers are required to set aside funds to cover their contractual to pay outstanding claims. These funds are called?What gives an injured party the right to seek compensation if it is proven that another persons negligence led to the injury?Which of the following is considered an intentional tort?Two people who each have full interest in a property are?Tenants in commonWhich of the following major sections of a policy are represented by the letter of DICE?Which of the following is defined as a cause of loss?What is defined as replacement cost new at the time of loss, less depreciation?Liability coverage under boatowners policies typically excludes?Which of the following functions is defined as an insurer identifying ad selling to potential customers?All of the following would be considered federal government insurance program except?Which of the following coverages is automatically included in a dwelling policy?Which causes of a loss form provides the broadcast coverage?Basic formWhich of the following property is subject to a special limit only for the peril of theft?jewelryMadisons personal auto policy liability coverage would pay for?Damages or injury caused intentionally by madisonWhat insurance is designed to pay the difference between the actual cash value of an automobile and the outstanding loan amount? GAP coverageWhat is the homeowners policy limit of liability for coverage B- other structures? 10% coverageWhat is computed by dividing losses incurred during the year by premiums earned?Combined ratioThe courts have ruled that agents have those powers that the public has come to expect them to have under the doctrine of? Apparent authorityWhat is considered the first party to an insurance contract?The insuredA common formula used to establish actual cash value ACV is?replacement cost – depreciationAll of the following are valid reasons for the insurance commissioner to deny an applicant a license except when the applicant?Does not have a california business addressAn insurance definition of the term hazard is?A condition which creates or increases the chance of a lossA contract of adhesion is?Prepared by one of the parties and accepted or rejected by the other.What percent of the homeowners policy coverage A- dwelling limit applies to coverage B-other structures?10%Under a yacht policy, protection and indemnity provides coverage for?All of the occurrences listed below are example of an insurable event as defined by the california insurance code except?an insured suffers a financial loss in the state lotteryA portion of a covered loss that is not paid by the insurer is the?Agreed valueThe national flood insurance program?May only be written in communities participating in the programUnder a scheduled personal property endorsement, loss to stamps are excluded when they are?Being shipped with freight companyUnder the financial responsibility law requirements in california, what is the minimum limit for several people injured in one accident?15,000Which coverages are typically provided in a boatowners policy?Property, liability, and contingent medical payments.Which of the following items is covered without endorsement under a personal auto policy? A permanently installed CD playerWhat are the two major coverages provided in section II of the HO-3 policy?A charge for a unit of insurance set out in a book of instructions is known as?All of the following reasons may be used to cancel a personal automobile policy except?What is one difference between a DP-2 and a DP-3?The required amount of the good driver discount offered to eligible drivers in california is at least what percent of the rate otherwise would have been charged?20%The unused premium returned to the insured when the insurer cancels a policy is known as?Short-rate refundAll of the following are additional coverages provided by the homeowners policy except?Under a personal umbrella policy, what underlying coverage must an insured typically maintain?Automobile and personal liabilityWhat coverage is available under the miscellaneous type vehicle endorsement?All coverage under the personal auto policyThe amount to replace an insureds damaged property, less depreciation, is known as the?All of the following expenses are covered in addition to the limits of the liability under coverage A of a personal auto policy except?When an insured reports a loss, the agent becomes obligated by the california code of regulations to?Which of the following common law defenses prevents a plaintiff, who is not entirely free from fault, from recovering damages from a negligent defendant?Livery conveyance is best described as a ?How many days prior to nonrenewal of an automobile policy must an insurer give notice to the insured?Which of the following is not an uninsured motor vehicle as defined by the personal automobile policies uninsured motorists coverage?If an insured has a collision deductible of $1,000 and an other than collision deductible of $500, how much, if any, would be paid if a covered auto sustained $2,000 in damage as a result of an engine failure?Which of the following is correct regarding eligibility for the california auto assigned risk program?What perils are included in a standard fire policy?An applicant would like to buy a personal umbrella policy, your insurer will?
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