Module 03 Assignment – Federal Laws Business ReportModule 03 Assignment – Federa

Module 03 Assignment – Federal Laws Business ReportModule 03 Assignment – Federal Laws Business ReportModule 03 ContentScenarioYou recently earned a competitive internship within a state government office. Your position will support upper-level leadership through business research and analysis. As your agency oversees a variety of professional/occupational licensures, your director has requested that you research and evaluate different Federal laws governing business trade and operations. Specifically, management is seeking a discussion about how different Federal laws may impact local and state companies.InstructionsSelect at least four laws or regulations that may impact business trade and/or operations. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Department of Labor may be helpful resources.Write a 3-4-page business report that addresses the following:Explain each law or regulation and identify how each affects various businesses within the state and its communities.
What long-term impact do you think these laws may have on businesses, both locally and in general?
Be sure to use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA in-text citations and references.ResourcesFor assistance with writing business reports, click on the Business Report tab within the Business Writing Guide
APA 7th Edition Guide
Fastcase (legal research)Instructions for locating cases in Fastcase
Discovery (articles and eBooks)
For more information about using Fastcase, conducting research, and citing sources: Schedule an Appointment with the Business Librarian
Requirements: good

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