Project 1: Memoir – Peer Letter Two Components 150 pts. totalThis assignment wil

Project 1: Memoir – Peer Letter Two Components 150 pts. totalThis assignment will be graded as a “mini” portfolio consisting of (A) a memoir and (B) a letter. The criteria for evaluation are listed below.Purpose of the Assignment: To give you the experience of how writers must shift the “same” material to shape it to fit a new rhetorical situation.________________________________________________________________________Component A – (50 pts.)Write a 3 – 3 ½ page memoir (MLA double spaced, (pg. 37 in the reader). Do not write anything that you do not want known. First person is allowed. Do not check with others (siblings, friends, etc.) They may remember things differently and then you are writing their story. Also, there may be a reason you don’t remember things the same way. After you have completed the readings about writing a memoir, you are to write a memoir of your own. Pick one moment in your life. Do not pick a long period of time (All of high school, 1 year, 9 months, etc.). Keep it short – one day, an afternoon, 1 hour. The longer the period of time, the less room for details. Do not get carried away with details (the azure sky lit up the fluffy white clouds making them look like the marshmallows I loved as a child). On the other hand, a lack of descriptive detail will keep the reader from engaging (I walked into the room and sat on a chair).Criteria for Evaluation:Does your memoir narrate an event that had strong personal meaning for you?
Is it coherent and cohesive?
Is your memoir interesting, with vivid descriptive passages and sharp details?
Do not read Hampl before submitting Component A first.Key 305W outcomes met with this assignment:Research and contribute to specific areas of inquiry by evaluating, synthesizing, and integrating strategies and sources appropriate to genre.
Adapt and employ conventions to communicate with diverse audiences who are members of or affected by a specific area or discipline.
Requirements: 3 pages   |   .doc file

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