Review the CDC’s page on Health-related Policies (Links to an external site.).No

Review the CDC’s page on Health-related Policies (Links to an external site.).Now choose a health-related issue not mentioned on that page to be the topic of an executive summary. (An executive summary is a a summary of collected information into a concise document for review by others.)NOTES FROM PROFESSORAll,Please note that you all will need to create a policy topic or idea that is not already a policy. Please think outside of the box and come up with an unique policy issue. Also, think on a National level (Public Health Impact). NO COVID related issues this will take too long.Over the next 5 weeks you will be framing questions, analyzing the public impact, feasibility, economic, and budgetary impacts of the proposed policy. This is a challenging assignment and you need to spend time defining the problem, researching the problem (background), developing policy options, understanding who are the stakeholders/interest groups, and determine how he policy will be implemented. There are a number of factors you will need to consider when developing policies for individuals and populations: political, economic, social, cultural, and social determinants. As we advocate for our patients we also need to consider the effect the change may have on others. Dr. Swilley
Requirements: 1 policy

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