Topic: Culture in Marketing Consumer Behavior (Must have access to database for

Topic: Culture in Marketing Consumer Behavior (Must have access to database for bid to be accepted) Thread: What is meant by the term ˜culture? What does the statement culture sets boundaries on behaviors mean? Cultural values can be classified as affecting one of the three types of relationships. Described one of the three types of relationships. *** Other-oriented values reflect a societys view of the appropriate relationships between individuals and groups within that society. These relationships have a major influence on marketing practice. For example if the society values collective activity consumers will look toward others for guidance in purchase decisions and will not respond favorably to promotional appeals to be an individual. Environment-oriented values prescribe a societys relationship to its economic and technical as well as its physical environment. As a manager you would develop a very different marketing program for a society that stressed a problem-solving risk-taking performance-oriented approach to its environment than you would for a fatalistic security- and status-oriented society. Self-oriented values reflect the objectives and approaches to life that the individual members of society find desirable. Again these values have strong implications for marketing management. For instance the acceptance and use of credit is very much determined by a societys position on the value of postponed versus immediate gratification. **** 650 word Minimum Must support assertions with at least 3 scholarly citations that are LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD in the current APA 7 format: MUST HAVE ACCESS TO DATABASE Must include 1 biblical reference Plagiarism report required. MUST BE COMPLETE IN 18 HRS. BY 3:30pm MST

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