Topic: Human Trafficking, You will then investigate (a) who are the victims of t

Topic: Human Trafficking You will then investigate (a) who are the victims of this crime (b) how prevalent is this crime (c) what are the causes of this crime (d) in what ways do victims contribute to the crime (e) methods of prevention (f) resources available to assist victims of this crime and (g) the students opinion of any needed changes in resources laws sentencing etc. related to this crime. Please be sure that you turn in your topic for approval in Week One. If your topic has not been approved prior to you turning in your final paper there will be a five-point deduction off of the final paper. The report should be at least 8-10 pages (not including the Title page and Reference page) typed in Microsoft Word using 12-point font in Times New Roman font in APA format. Please ensure that you utilize sources that are not only relevant to your material but that are also verified as credible at least one must be a peer reviewed resource. Be careful of what you find on the internet as not all sources are credible (this includes Google Scholar). Please be sure to check out the online library and attempt to select sources through there before searching anywhere else. This will ensure the validity of your citations. Also you may want to run your paper throughsafe assign to check it for any possible plagiarism issues before submitting your final version. Remember that you may also use the OWL lab as a resource to help improve your paper before submitting it for a grade; the OWL usually takes 24-48 hours to return your work so plan accordingly so that you can make any recommended changes and submit your work by 11:59 a.m. EST on Saturday at the end of Week 3.

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